Modern Mandi

A modern mandi is a combined solution to all the agricultural needs The setting up of the ‘modern mandi’ benefits individual farmers, Government Resources and Consumer.


  • It assures Guaranteed Payments for farmers
  • Saves times ,money and unnecessary efforts.
  • No uncertainly to trade due to unfair trade practices.
  • Increased income (most competitive rates for produce).

Government Resources

  1. Compliant & transparent market
  2. Increased revenue and improvised Technology Development.
  3. Digital trade records that are accessible and easy to store.
  4. Registration of buyers made hassle free.
  5. Increased efficiency in process.
  6. auditable & verifiable market place.


  • Ease of Payments for purchasing.
  • Better quality products.
  • Ease of participation in trade.
  • Real time bidding for products.
  • Wider scope for participation (number of commodities & places).
  • Complete tractability of funds.

Ending The Monopoly

The monopoly of mandi is being challenged, with modern mandi being introduce the dependency on the local mandi for selling the product,

once a farmer gets an opportunity to connect to buyers directly without a middle man it provides more opportunity for them to sell their product and get the desired rate for their product and also the consumer is able to acquire the quality product at a reasonable price.

Protecting the Farmers

Once the farmers become more familiar to the concept of ‘modern mandi’ it allows them to grow the product which is most required by the consumer it also provide a quality standard that could be maintain by the farmers directly also these farmer organisations increase the bargaining power of farmers, thereby reducing the chances of them getting exploited by the buyers .